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Prim Embroidery Patterns

 ~~About Me~~

          My name is Rhonda Bowers and I am the owner of Primitive Stitches.  I am a Wife of almost 35 years, Mother of a grown Son and Daughter, and Grandmother of two adorable Grandsons.  I have lived entirely in the state of Maryland until just recently when we moved to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania where I have finally found "home."

     Primitive Stitches formally began in 2006 after a car accident which crushed my ankle severing it completely. Up to this point, other than running half the craft department at a nearby crafting chain, I was a crafter and cookie baker for several craft shows in my area.  My injury made this impossible to continue. 

     Crafter's are nothing if not creative so I decided to start a new business based on my first hand experience of "creating" but this time I would be designing.  I always designed things for my shows but never with the intention to sell the pattern to any one else. 

     Over the many years that I had been crafting, I worked with many mediums, floral, wood, painting, embroidery, candles, dollmaking etc.  I had only recently picked up embroidery AGAIN.  I created a few designs and sold pillows/towels for the very last craft show I was ever to participate.  (Even though at the time I did not know this was to be my last show)

      If you have ever had the feeling like your life had a purpose from the beginning, that feels true of my life.  My Grandmother taught me how to embroidery when I was just nine years old, my Grandfather encouraged me to draw whenever I was bored as a child (his father was an artist-painter) and my mother made me take business courses in high school much to my dislike as I was majoring in the art field.  Oddly enough, my business requires all of these to be successful.  Needless to say, I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and I love what I do and I hope you do too!!!