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Project Ideas and Uses

Things you can make or ways to use the designs on this site!!
The possibilities are be endless!!
Full Size Patterns~~
   1.  Can be used to make pillows of any size by enlarging
        or reducing them in size. Drapery lining is great to use in
        place of muslin when making pillows as the fabric is 
        thicker and helps to keep its shape when stuffing. 
        The best lining to use is one made of cotton, without a
        vinyl backing and with as little sheen as possible.  I 
        suggest you wash your lining first to remove any sheen
        in the fabric.  This fabric also tea-dyes very nicely!
   2.  Pictures of various sizes can be made just by enlarging
        and reducing the design.  Please refer to the article on
        framing etc. for more information on making pictures.
   3.  Centers for table mats
   4.  Quilt squares
   5.  Wall hangings
Candle Mat Patterns~~
      Round Patterns-
  1. Can be used "as is" for candle mats.  They can be enlarge or reduced to fit any candle size
  2. Can also be draped over a shelf edge to be used as a doily.
  3. You may enlarge a candle mat and use it for a center table mat.
  4. You may use a round candle mat to make a round pillow.  Make sure to add several inches of muslin around the design in order to have a small muslin border to keep the design on top and a seam allowance to stitch front and backs together.
  5. You may encase a round design inside of a square pillow. You would stitch the design then allow about 3 inches in all directions from the longest points, top, bottom, right & left sides of muslin before cutting to make sure that your design is brought to the front when complete. (Rather than cutting the mat close to the edge whereas when you stuff, the design would now roll over to the sides rather than sit completely flat on top.) You would mark all four points at the 3" mark and use that guide to make your square.  Use a seam allowance of 1/2."  If you are going to add a log cabin border to the square part of the design, decrease the muslin around the design to 2" in all directions from the 4 longest points, top, bottom, right, left sides and use a 1/2" seam allowance.
  6. Ring Barrier pillows
     Square Patterns-
  1. You may also use a square pattern for items 1-3 from the round pillow uses from above.
  2. You may make square pillows by using the methods above in numbers 4 & 5.
  3. Potholders
  4. Ring Barrier pillows
Tag Patterns~~
  1. Tags are great they can be hung and used to add a finishing touch to so many things.
~YOU MAY TIE THEM AROUND: lamps, pegs on shelves, bed posts, doll arms, candle jars, cannisters, cabinet knobs
~HANG FROM: pegs, Christmas tree, door knobs
~TIE TO: Christmas packages, baskets, wreaths, arrangements
~PIN TO: Displayed quilts, pillows, dolls clothes
~Attached side by side (leaving background fabric in between each) to create a wide rectangular pillow.
~Small bowl filler pillows
Bread Cloth Patterns~~
  1. Can be used for bread cloths
  2. Shelf scarves
  3. Towels hung by one corner from pegs
  4. Stitch design on both ends of a rectangular table runner
  5. Stitched in repetition end to end across valances.
  6. Long rectangular pillows
  7. Minimize pattern size for napkin corners
  8. Maximized pattern size for table cloths corners
  9. Can be stitched on two corners of a square table mat and then laid on table either as a square on the table or slanted like a
    diamond.  You may wish to enlarge depending on size of your mat.
Hand Towel Patterns~~
  1. Can be used as indicated on the pattern to attach to any homespun towel.
  2. Bowl filler pillows.  You can also attach wire, hemp or jute to top corners to hang.
  3. Small pictures, larger pictures if attached to a homespun/calico background.  Or stitch entire project on muslin and add a  
    border around the outer edge and place in a larger frame.
  4. Mini Quilts (groupings of 4 or more)
  5. Center for a log cabin styled pillow
  6. Table runner-Attached side by side (leaving background fabric in between- 4-inches or so apart depending on size of  runner.)  Make sure to measure equal distances between each.
  7. Long wide pillows-Attach in the same manner as no. 6  (space about 2-3 inches apart between each)  You could use  
    a theme such as flowers and attach 4 different but similar patterns along the width of the pillow.  Make sure to color
    coordinate if stitch colors are different.
 Towel Band Patterns~~
  1. Can be used as indicated on the pattern to attach to any homespun towel.
  2. Can also be used to create long wide prim pillows
  3. Can be stitched to all four sides of a large square table mat.
  4. Centered on a valance or centered along the bottom of kitchen curtains.
  5. Mantel Scarves
  6. Centered on a table runner with log cabin or other quilted edge.  If not a quilter, use a wide single log cabin edge to frame 
  7. Curtain Tie backs
  8. Long wide framed pictures. (If you are lucky to find frames to fit without having to have a professional frame them!!)

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