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"Warm & Natural" Batting-by

"Warm & Natural" Batting

I highly recommend using "Warm & Natural" Batting behind most of your stitching projects. 

This batting is very easy to work with and can also be tea dyed to match your muslin when stitching tags and other items where the batting would show.

"Warm & Natural" batting adds a firmer, opaque stitching surface when added behind your muslin before stitching. It gives your final piece a professional look.

I use this batting when making pillows, pictures, candle mats, wallhangings, quilts, etc.  You can also use it with any item that needs to be washed regularly.  (I do not recommend tea-dying  items that require any contact with water)

You may tea-dye your "Warm & Natural" just as you do your muslin (refer to tea-dying article for more help) 

If you are not tea-dying and intend to wash your finished project, you should wash and dry your batting first to reduce shrinkage.  Personally, I wash, dry and tea-dye all of mine no matter what I am making. 

You can save your larger scraps and stitch directly on batting to create christmas ornaments etc.  You can also use this product to create your favorite snowman bodies!!  So save those pieces!!!

"Warm & Natural" Batting can be found at most fabric stores.  It comes packaged or off of the bolt.

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