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 ~~Stitchery Patterns Terms of Use~~

This is written to inform so that you understand the rights of the artist and not to intimidate anyone who uses a pattern as intended.  It is written more to educate those who are not sure as to what is acceptable. 

 We are a customer friendly site!!!

Due to problems and inquiries concerning copyrights issues, I must now state that you may not reproduce these patterns in whole or copy parts in any way to resell.   That would also include drawing the pattern or parts of to use as your own.  Patterns may not be resold on line in any manner. 
If you are a pattern designer, you may not purchase a design and then model your work from our design layout, templates, or instructions as that is part of our copyright.

The designs here are intended for use in embroidery, applique embroidery, wool felt,  needle punch, rug hooking, painting etc. 

You may not create printed material from your work, digital embroidery or graphics using these patterns as the right to the image belongs to Primitive Stitches.  If you are interested in creating anything other than what is allowed, you may contact me. 
Sharing the designs with others whether through e-patterns or copying printed patterns is also a violation of copyrights.  When you purchase a pattern, you and only you are purchasing the right to "use the pattern."  You do not own the design upon purchase you are simply buying the right to "use it" for your own personal use.  I sell my patterns inexpensively so that they are affordable to everyone.
You may sell your finished stitched items at craft shows, ebay, websites or in shoppes.
Due to the nature of this purchase, there are no refunds.  Please make sure that you are in the hand embroidery section, if you wish to purchase hand embroidery designs or in the machine embroidery section if you wish to purchase machine embroidery designs.  Machine embroidery designs are shown in color without clicking onto an image to enlarge....whereas stitchery designs are shown on a grayed background drawn in black. but then you may click onto that image to see the finished product.
Upon purchase of a pattern or e-pattern  you AGREE to these terms. 
I hope that you understand the need to state the above.  It is so hard to continue creating and producing patterns just to have them stolen and resold or given away by someone else.